Posted by: cbouyio | 15 June, 2015

The network nonsense of Albert-László Barabási

Bits of DNA

In the August 2013 issue of Nature Biotechnology there were two back-to-back methods papers published in the area of network theory:

  1. Baruch Barzel & Albert-László Barabási, Network link prediction by global silencing of indirect correlationsNature Biotechnology 31(8), 2013, p 720–725. doi:10.1038/nbt.2601.
  2. Soheil Feizi, Daniel Marbach, Muriel Médard & Manolis Kellis, Network deconvolution as a general method to distinguish direct dependencies in networksNature Biotechnology 31(8), 2013, p 726–733. doi:10.1038/nbt.2635.

This post is the first of a trilogy (part2, part3) in which my student Nicolas Bray and I tell the story of these papers and why we took the time to read them and critique them. 

We start with the Barzel-Barabási paper that is about the applications of a model proposed by Barzel and his Ph.D. advisor, Ofer Biham (although all last names start with a B, Biham is not to be confused with…

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